Jordan Makes a Book

I'm a senior English and Book Arts major at the University of Maine at Machias. I'm making a book, and this is my blog about it.

The Printing Process: Part 1

I’ve begun printing!  (And, as of this posting, I have finished printing.)

Before I even started printing, I drew up a template.  The template noted the margins of my pages so that I could compare what I had set onto the press.

I also had to cut out the polymer plates.  The polymer plates came in one big sheet, so I needed to cut each individual page out.  Below the polymer plates is my page planning—that is, which plates go together for my printing.

I don’t exactly work neatly… This is my work space, as I cut my polymer plates and planned the order of my printing.  

Printing on the press takes a lot of planning, even if you aren’t hand-setting type.  Cutting out the plates took a lot longer than I had expected.